Monday, August 11, 2008

Font of Fonts

Keeping in the spirit of my totally deep and spiritual theme here of late, here's a picture of me in my new hat! Thanks to Tré for pointing this one out to me.


Dan said...

DId you see the movie Helvetica?


jawnny said...

I sure did, and I loved it. I never realized just how much Helvetica there is in the world until I saw it!

Generation Next said...

Do you know the website, bancomicsans? As an obvious font lover, I figure you prob know it already.

Also, I was in Rehoboth last weekend (Brew Ha Ha shout out, tho it is no more :( ), and noted that nearly all the menus were in COMIC SANS. Even the high-endy ones.

jawnny said...

Oh, I know all about Ban Comic Sans! I love that site. And yes, the menus at our restaurants back home have a problematic obsession with Comic Sans!