Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ruminations: Textbooks and Tyra

Law textbooks are, like, totally expensive. Here's just a sampling:

Right in the range I expected, but still, dang!

Brian and I are watching Tyra Banks's talk show right now. The topic is light-skinned vs. dark-skinned black women, and you can imagine the (low) level of discourse she's inciting. Currently a self-described light-skinned woman is on stage, being baited by Tyra to say racist shit about dark-skinned women. Then, of course, racist light-skinned woman gets dressed down by Tyra and the audience. I swear, Tyra clearly grows stronger by making those around her feel weak. She's kind of amazing.

Image of crazy Tyra from fourfour

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paradigmq said...

alibris.com yo


or powells.com

hell, i shop around between about 5 or 6 sites