Thursday, October 9, 2008

All The Fat Stupid Racist People

The crowd in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, filing into a recent McCain-Palin rally.

Terrorist, Muslim, Communist. All these words are red herrings. What these people so clearly want to say is "nigger." I'd be able to deal with videos like this better if these people just called Obama a nigger because at least then they'd be honest. They believe what they need to believe so that they can go to bed at night thinking they're not racist. Fucking assholes. I'm embarrassed to share a skin color and a state with these slimebags. This is your base, Republicans? In 2008?

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Grey Words said...

About a month back, I got a pollster call. They asked me the "hidden racism" question- "Do you think your neighbors are ready for an African-American president?" I, of course, answered with a resounding yes.
I wonder whether these folks would just say "no" or if they'd have to add something like "so long as he's not a terrorist commie pinko socialist muslim."