Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sarah Palin Round-Up

It seems like every day she says or does some new stupid thing! Here's a round-up of recent Sarah Palin goodness. First, a clip from this past weekend's Saturday Night Live. Tina Fey is fucking brilliant.

Next up, Sarah Palin makes the bold claim to Katie Couric that she reads ALL newspapers. Every single one of 'em. (Including the Times of London and Le Monde?) But she can't seem to remember the names of any of them. In fairness to her, however, she probably isn't allowed to mention most of them unless she attaches the disclaimer, "but I don't read that wacky LIBERAL ELITE paper anymore! I just trust my maverick intuition to tell me what's goin' on in the world!"

Finally, Sarah Palin and John McCain's joint appearance in a Katie Couric interview. Kathryn-Jean Lopez of the National Review put it best: "this video looks like Sarah Palin went back to the principal's office with her dad." You know it's bad when even the National Review isn't loving her.

Yes, those "Gotcha! journalism" questions from Temple grad students at Tony Luke's. Oh wait, he's not a journalist? Just a voter? Oy.


Grey Words said...

Oh Palin... I can't wait to see her debate Biden tomorrow!

Alisha said...

Everytime I see that SNL skit it's just as amazing as the first time.

elisabeth said...

An AP photo of her days on the Wasilla City Council shows some of that reading material in front of her -- the John Birch Society Newsletter.

Kate said...

dear jawnny,

it's been a while since i checked in on your site, but it was well worth it. pure gold when i was reading. actually, i think it was "joy! unspeakable joy! though palin did give it, she cannot take it away joy!" thanks for spicing up this gloomy election/on the brink of recession moment.

paradigmq said...

if i click my heels together three times do you think she will go away?

rmx said...
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rmx said...

so she reads both Ha'aretz and the Tehran Times Daily?


Biden doesn't know what he's up against.