Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why Fundamentalism Is Dangerous

Fundamentalism in any form is terrifying and dangerous. Sure, it makes your life easier; you don't have to worry about what the answer is because it's always Jesus or God or Allah or Whoever. But it makes you stop thinking. And it gives people the false notion that a return to theocratic monarchy would magically heal the world. News flash, Tracys of the world: it'll be the death of us all.

And the menacing "I'LL PRAY FOR HIM"? Creepy.


paradigmq said...

those people scare me. the potential harm they can cause by not thoroughly thinking through issues and then mindlessly acting upon them could be the downfall of our country.

on another note: fundamentally-i.am.awesome!

Benjamin said...

jeezy crow.

you should definitely go check out RELIGULOUS if you haven't already.

her moral certitude is disturbing, to say the least, but the bottom line is that she and people like her have been brainwashed by the most vile institution in the history of the world, organized religion.

she "thinks" she knows the buy-bull (spelling it phonetically is fun!) but i doubt she actually follows much of it--and for good reason, since stoning disobedient children is against the law in this country.

we will never have a good democracy until organized religion has been marginalized, as protestantism has been highly politicized.

44% of this country still has a favorable view of the biggest ignoramus to hit the national political stage since... well... ever.

that is how deep this runs! (of course, not all of them are crazy x-ians, but a whole slew of them are, and 15-20% of the country believing this crap is a national crisis.)

what it's going to take is the religious "moderates"--i.e. christmas/easter christians, high holiday jews, etc.--to wake up and realize they are granting legitimacy ("it's what they believe and we have to respect it blah blah blah") to some of the most vile crimes in existence today.

and i'm not exaggerating. institutionalized child rape (catholic church). virtual enslavement of women (islam). domestic terrorists (protestantism). etc etc

yeah, this is a hot-button issue for me.

all the best,


Serin said...

I'm appalled that she clearly says she "can't imagine having a president named 'Obama.'" Methinks that doesn't actually have much to do with religion, right there...

Joey7777 said...

Yes, they are scary. But just as much so are the fanatical atheists on the other side. Stalin, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot...those regimes and their supporters. (shudders). Somewhere in between is safest.

kaliganges said...

Sadly, "this video is no longer available". Bummer!!!