Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Campbell Brown's Game Is Seriously Tight

Watch her rip McCain campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds a new one in this clip. By the way, what the hell kind of name is Tucker Bounds?


Maureen Cawley said...

tucker has no balls. its the kind of name you give to your kid when you live in alaska.

Greg said...

Tucker got served!

I guess he was avoiding the question because he doesn't want to spill the beans that no one really examined her qualifications?

Forty Five


I am going to be masturbating to this clip throughout the rest of the campaign. Thanks for posting.

Sam M said...

Awesome. She did kick his ass.

Except what sucks about clips like this is that at the end, Tucker disputed Campbell's assertion of the fact that the National Guard is deployed by the Pentagon, not the Governor. No one who's fuzzy on the details of this is going to look that fact up, so McCain supporters will be able to comfort themselves with the idea that Tucker was right and Campbell was wrong and they never have to think about it again.