Tuesday, September 2, 2008


First of all, thanks to everyone who visited JAWNNY over the last few days from Towleroad and Kenneth in the 212. I'm flabbergasted that my lunch break observation was so noteworthy!

Second, I was going to follow up on that post with another one on the s**tshow that is Sarah Palin, but luckily, a friend has already helpfully compiled everything new that's come to light about the Governor of Alaska since she was named the Republican candidate for vice president all of four days ago. Check out The Palin Report for a nice running list of the last few days' events.

Finally, the existence of The Palin Report frees me to do what I do best: strive for humor and silliness. In that spirit, I share with you another shocking resemblance that a member of the Palin clan bears to a celebrity. Bristol Palin kind of looks like - no, not Jamie Lynn Spears - gymnastics badass Shawn Johnson. See for yourself:

Leaving aside the total imprudence of McCain having picked a vice presidential candidate who seems to have an endless stream of bad press associated with her, at least she's brought us some entertainment! And a pregnant daughter who looks like one of the country's recent Olympic heroes.

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