Friday, September 26, 2008

Sarah Palin On Alaska's Foreign Neighbors

So here's the actual version of the video I posted earlier. What just struck me about this that hadn't struck me before was this line from Gov. Palin: "It's funny that a comment like that was kind of made, char-...I don't know, you know. Reporters. Mocked, yeah. I guess that's the word, yeah." It's not the fact that she got hamstrung for a moment there - it happens to all of us - it's the, "You know. Reporters!" bit. It's odd on two levels. Last I checked, one, Katie Couric *is* a reporter (though some people may differ with me on that), and two, Sarah Palin majored in journalism. Reporters, indeed!

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J.Ro said...

For The New Yorker blog, Hendrik Hertzberg approaches this topic with his signature erudition and sharp wit. He examines the transcript of this interview and notes, "The whole thing reads like something rendered from the Finnish by Google Translate." Hertzberg also states, "In the 'Putin rears his head' answer, jagged shards of the hasty briefings lately stuffed into Palin’s pretty head clang tinnily against one another. 'We send those'—those? those what?—'out to make sure that an eye is being kept on this powerful nation, Russia.' Those what? We send what?" Indeed.