Sunday, June 29, 2008

"My Very Moral Fiber"

I don't normally post on the weekend, but Rich, the mastermind of fourfour, posted this and I wanted to share it.

I will say this: in spite of the fact that these asshats have tried everything in the last 20-some-odd years to scapegoat us and limit our rights, they are on the losing end of this battle in the long run. Gay marriage is now legal in two states. Surveys indicate that opposition to gay rights is growing weaker over time across all age groups. But sometimes it's good to have a reminder of the fight that remains.


paradigmq said...

girl clearly needed herself some fiber...

i often get quite ambivalent, so seeing things that that is good to stoke my own moral fires.


Adam said...

I recommend watching The Sodomite's Lament for a good laugh.