Friday, June 13, 2008

These Jawns, Them Jawns - June 13, 2008

A weekly round-up of the edifying, the odd, the laudatory, the scurrilous.

The Obama campaign launches a Fight the Smears sub-site.

Camille Paglia scoffs at the idea of an Obama-Clinton ticket: "Hillary for veep? Are you mad? What party nominee worth his salt would chain himself to a traveling circus like the Bill and Hillary Show? If the sulky bearded lady wasn't biting the new president’s leg, the oafish carnival barker would be sending in the clowns to lure all the young ladies into back-of-the-tent sword-swallowing. It would be a seamy orgy of scheming and screwing." Wowzers. There's some imagery for you.

Insult to injury: annoying duck boats rescue Wisconsin flood victims. (via Philebrity)

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick's daughter Katherine comes out as a lesbian.

Unicorn power! Single-horned deer found in Italy.

Hollywood in the 215: Transformers 2 is filming on the Penn campus as I type. Photos here.

DISCOVERED: Reel Geezers, two hilarious octogenarians who review movies. I recommend their Superbad review. (via Andrew Sullivan)

REDISCOVERED: Philly-based art and clothing collective Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction produce fun t-shirts and other stuff, and their website is cute, to boot!

Photo: AP/Center of Natural Sciences, Prato, Italy

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J.Ro said...

To assist future historians and biographers as they attempt to write the definitive and comprehensive account of Transformers 2, I think your post is lacking an essential tag:

"Shia LeBeouf"

Future LeBeoufians and LeBeoufists thank you in advance.