Monday, June 30, 2008

Tell Them How You Really Feel

I am a regular reader of missed connections on craigslist, and even though my gay chauvinism means I pretty much read only the m4m listings, I must say, they really are usually the best. To wit, one I saw today titled "To the three boys that I am dating." It's a long post, and it's so good that it's hard to pick just one part to quote. But here's a choice snippet:
Bachelor Number 1- you're a nice guy. a bit of a nerd. but that's okay because I'm a dork. but I think the contrasting difference between the two is that at least when I'm dorking out, it's interesting and endearing. whereas you tend to nerd out about really boring things.
p.s., again, I'm really sorry for coming on your bible. but you really shouldn't have left it on the nightstand table, open to the verses about man laying with another man. I wish you would let it go.
You really should read the whole thing (language NSFW).

(t/y Joey)

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