Friday, June 13, 2008

Respectfully, Your Boobs Are Showing

It's stories like these that make me excited for law school. Apparently, somewhere out there in this good land of ours, one Ms. B made a sartorial error not unlike the one chronicled here (potentially NSFW) prior to a deposition. When the witness at the deposition pointed this out to Ms. B, a testy exchange ensued, ending in the following:
MS. B: ...I don't need a retained tell me how to dress, sir. So with all due respect, I don't appreciate your comments at all. You're here, you're being paid for your time to answer questions, and not comment on counsel's attire. So with that said, have a great dinner.

WITNESS: Thank you.

MS. B: You're welcome.

MS. G: Respectfully, I think he's just referring to the fact that he can see your breasts.

MS. B: You can't see my breasts.

MS. G: Well, I can. And that was what he was referring to.

WITNESS: I'm done for the day.

(The deposition concluded at 5:18 p.m.)
At which point Ms. B threw on a blazer to cover her chest before heading to the local pub to drink away her embarrassment, presumably. Check out Above the Law for the full transcript!

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