Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Actually, I Don't Find This To Be "Phat" In Any Way

Some people dig a phat ride! Some people dig a phat crib! But everybody digs a Phatsac!

Um, actually not. I don't know what's more revolting: the horrible techno music blaring on the website, the nasty name of the product, or the ugliness of the Phatsac itself. You may thank (or blame) Google Ads for bringing this to my attention, though I'm not sure what e-mail I was reading that triggered a Phatsac ad. NOTE: Skank not included.


Justin said...

is it just me, or is this a bean bag?

jawnny said...

Seems that way. Which makes its alleged Phat-ness all the more elusive.

joey said...

As someone who has owned a lovesac (google and note the similarities), I encourage you to actually lounge upon this item before passing judgement.

and no, it's not a bean bag. They're filled with the same cushioning material as car seats, only shredded, making them malleable. Quite comfy, and good for the naughty, if youw ill.