Friday, July 18, 2008

Things I Like: July 18, 2008

Only having two weeks left at my job.

The debut of the fifth season of Project Runway!

Keith from the fifth season of Project Runway:

Hot damn. On a related note, guys who look like Bluto.

Apparently, I really like videos of Sesame Street or Muppets characters.

My coffee grinder, because it looks like R2D2:

Now that we seem to have entered the so-called dog days, gin and tonic.

Those insanely catchy Dunkin' Donuts jingles by They Might Be Giants.

And finally, the Pansy Division-Sex Dwarf two-for-one party at the Trocadero tonight.

This has been another installment of Things I Like. Bon appetit!

screengrab of Project Runway from the fabulously glamorous Project Rungay


Greg said...

Keith from Project: Runway. What more do you need?

joey said...

I hope he has sex with Tim Gunn and gets kicked off so he can spawn his own half-naked, nipple-ridden reality series.