Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Drunken Epiphany

I'm watching a rerun of Sex and the City - the one where Carrie flips out at Big over something stupid never mind. The point is, I re-realized this (for like the 1000th time): Carrie Bradshaw is a stupid cunt. (Y/Y?)


HughE Dillon said...

WOW is the C word really necessary. Are you hiding somd baggage of being flipped out on for no apparent reason. Do we need to talk it out? Call me we'll do lunch. Thanks for the shout out.

J.Ro said...

Please tell me you were watching the episode where she throws a McFish sandwich at Big from across the room and it lazily slides down a tv screen in a disgusting mass of curdled mayonnaise. That's my favorite Carrie freak out. (Editor's query: Who brings a McFish sandwich to someone they ostensibly love?)

jawnny said...

Hughe - Ha! No, I'm fine. Just a bit of cocktail-induced bluntness.

J.Ro - Surprisingly, it was not that episode, although that moment is probably the examplar of Carrie-being-stupid. It was the episode where Carrie thinks that Big is not taking her seriously as a potential ladyfriend after she finds out from a male friend that the Chinese restaurant Big's been taking her to is the perfect place to go with a date you want no one else to know about. When Carrie shows up drunk at Big's place at like 3:00 AM to confront him about this (and other things, because let's face it, Carrie is a list-maker), I re-realized what a stupid c-word she is.