Saturday, July 5, 2008

Jesse Helms Dies, America Rejoices

So y'all probably know by now that Jesse Helms died yesterday at the age of 86, leaving behind a legacy of hate and bigotry. I think our nation's 232nd birthday deserves better than to be sullied by the coincidence of being the deathday of a man who, quite honestly, was a horrible enemy of freedom and tolerance, two virtues upon which the United States of America was founded. But at least we're rid of a horrible man.

My good friend and firebrand of a Southern woman, the Hungry Photographer, posted the following remembrance on her blog yesterday, which I am pleased to share with you.
It’s about time.

I've been getting phone calls all morning to tell me that Jesse Helms is dead. I was wondering how long that pig valve was gonna hold up. But also, since it's the 4th of July, I can pretend that all the hoopla and fireworks is in celebration of his demise.

And I hope that whoever it was I went to GSE with, who worked with him and claimed I never saw his "sensitive side", bawls her little plastic eyes out today in remembrance of her old boss. I also hope she realises that it's people like him who have spread incendiary lies for so long that have led to stalled social equality and justice. Actually, I doubt she'd realise that, being as brainwashed as she appeared.

At any rate, wherever you are - in whatever corner of the globe - hoist a big fat one for the death of Jesse Helms, big ol' racist homophobe that he was; soon he'll be eaten by the same worms who are eating others that he denigrated. Ah, equality at last.
Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition. Here's to a world without Jesse Helms.

P.S.: The Hungry Photographer and I also recommend the Apostropher's post on this topic.

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You also might want to check out Christopher Hitchens' reflections in Slate: