Friday, July 25, 2008

Things I Like: July 25, 2008

That for a $70 contribution to the McCain campaign, you can wipe your feet on John McCain's name every day.

Deleting old e-mails.

Coming across long-forgotten, LOL-inducing, old e-mails in the process.

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (now only available on iTunes).

These brutally hot photos of Carlos Freire at Made in Brazil. Yeah, I just said "brutally hot".

That the level of insanity this season on Project Runway - among both judges and contestants - is definitely already at "batshit crazy". And we're only two episodes in. Consult this post on Project Rungay if you don't believe me.

Avocados. Because they actually ripen in a reasonable amount of time in the summer.

Eric Leven's really smart post about ACT UP vs. barebackers.

That I came across this ad while checking the website of a newspaper back home:

And finally, this hilarious video by Secret Pants in which unsuspecting tourists on Independence Mall are presented with quotes and must identify the source: Adam West-era Batman or Bush (hat tip to Philebrity).

This has been another installment of Things I Like. Enjoy!


Maureen Cawley said...

You know what I like? The term "batshit crazy" and I'm so happy that you used it. I hope we're in the same section and we will have to agree that we will both use it in class as frequently as possible. "John or Maureen, why do you think the judge ruled that way?" Maureen: "Obviously, because he's just batshit crazy." The sad part is that that response is probably about as in depth as I'm going to get in class. ha.

jawnny said...

Not guilty by reason of batshit crazy. Is that a valid legal defense? That would be awesome.