Friday, July 25, 2008

Birds Are Scared Of Amy Winehouse

Or at least her scarecrow doppelganger. A farmer in England has apparently made an Amy Winehouse scarecrow that has been surprisingly effective at keeping birds away from his crops.

The booze and cigarette for Amy Scarehouse were nice touches. Very creative. And hey - he's kinda cute, too!


Greg said...

It's good to see her out of rehab, doing good for the community.

HughE Dillon said...

Were you at the film festival? Your chin looks familar, did I photograph you?

jawnny said...

Greg: LOL. That is all.

Hughe: Yes, I was, and no, you didn't. At least not as far as I know. Did you go to the Pansy Division show at the Troc and/or the documentary? I was at both.