Monday, July 14, 2008

New Yorker Cover Depicts Obamas As Terrorists

I get what The New Yorker is doing here, but I still think this is in rather poor taste.

Given the sorts of ridiculous, racist, non-reality-based e-mails about the Obamas that my step-dad forwards me on a regular basis, I can just imagine how this will be reused. It should only be a day or so before I get an e-mail with this image attached that screams, "Even the Liberal Magazine The New Yorker knows the Truth about Barack Hussein Obama and his wife Michelle!" Ugh.

Image from the July 21, 2008 issue of The New Yorker


justin said...

I know we've come to a head in the past about the New Yorker, but I've come around to it. That being said, I had the same reaction. First I wanted to defend it out of all that is Good and Smart, but it really is just ammo. Stick to the cats!

jawnny said...

Seriously. I'd love to sit here and pretend that it's "just a cartoon" - and therefore not important - but reality, as presented to me by my inbox, suggests otherwise.