Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Slutty Koala Survives Brush With Vehicular Death

This seems like your standard "awww"-inducing, fuzzy animal-related news story...
A koala that cheated death after being hit by a car at 100 kmh (about 60 mph) and dragged with his head jammed through the vehicle grill for 12 kms (about 7 miles) is being dubbed Australia's luckiest marsupial.
...but you need to read it all the way until the end.
Lucky will stay at the hospital, set up by the late television wildlife and crocodile crusader Steve Irwin, for 45 days to recover from his experience and receive treatment for a chlamydial infection.
Maybe that speeding automobile was just God's way of saying that Lucky should've spent a little less time with loose lady koalas. Ha! Yeah right. Chlamydia is one of God's creatures too.

t/y Maureen

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J.Ro said...

Never, ever name an animal "Lucky"! That is like inviting the kiss of Death. The last Lucky I knew was a dolphin with quite the anti-biotic resistant infection. After you have been dragged a couple kilometers, is it too much to ask that an animal be given another name other than "Lucky"?